Gallery & Testimonials


Sophie is absolutely brilliant! Made the switch from a traditional groomers after our puppy was terrified and it's been the best choice we've made! Sophie puts in the extra effort to make your dog feel safe. Plus, she is always groomed beautifully and smells amazing! Highly recommended.

Beth Wellfair

Sophie at Star Spa is a true professional, a lovely person and adores the dogs she grooms. Both my 2 dogs are regularly groomed by her and genuinely love to go to her, which says a lot about the time they spend there. She always does a lovely cut and groom and is always a true professional. Cant recommend her highly enough. 

Tristan Quinn

My two cavapoos are tricky customers (well one is, the other is a joy! haha) But Sophie is just amazing with them both. She's spent time to get to know them, their characters and foibles, so they are both comfortable in her company. The tricksy one of the pair now runs towards Sophie when she sees her out on our dog walks - Clearly a great sign! Sophie is kind, passionate and a dog whisperer. 

Laura Orton