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Caring for our furry friends goes beyond just cuddles and playtime; ensuring pet hygiene and safety is essential for their well-being and happiness. 

Regular grooming not only enhances their appearance but also helps prevent various issues. Brushing and combing remove tangles, matts, and skin discomfort, providing a soothing massage that boosts blood circulation and maintains healthy, shiny skin. Trimming nails prevents painful paw problems, while cleaning ears and teeth helps ward off infections and dental issues. 

Our dog grooming courses cover breed-specific and creative cuts, coat handling, and mastering grooming tools in detail. Dog grooming allows for early identification of skin conditions and health concerns, enabling appropriate care or veterinary referrals. Emphasizing crucial safety measures and handling techniques ensures the well-being of both the groomer and the dog. Training also includes calming methods for anxious dogs to ensure a stress-free experience. 

The increasing demand for professional groomers presents promising job prospects. Whether pursuing a career with an employer or starting a grooming business, our courses provide the necessary skills and confidence. Explore the world of dog grooming through our exceptional training courses in Manchester, offering an unmatched learning experience. 

For more details on our dog grooming training, contact Sophie at 07891312460. Situated in Alkrington, Middleton - Star Spa Academy delivers hands-on professional dog grooming courses at three distinct levels, focusing on essential grooming techniques for a practical and immersive learning journey. 

Our courses are the ultimate blend of theory and practical learning, whilst eliminating extensive written work. Blended with assessments to ensure your learning is monitored and progressive. Upon finishing the course, you will receive a dog grooming certificate with a recongised accreditation board. 

Each student will only ever be taught on a 1-2-1 basis ensuring a tailored learning experience to suit YOU. We assist students in equipment purchases, provide guidance on setting up a business, offer dog first aid training, and ongoing support, all covered in the course fee. Our inclusive approach welcomes a diverse range of learners and you don't need any previous experience! All we ask is you bring your love and passion for dogs. Feel free to reach out to us for any questions or concerns – we are here to assist you!