Our courses are taught by a qualified teacher & experienced groomer who is an expert at all types of dog grooming theory.

You'll work with a live dog model exclusively for yourself, they are well maintained so your focus will be on styling as opposed to just removing matts! You'll even have the option to bring your own dog!

Work within a cosy, relaxed dog salon that has everything you'll need. It will be your home away from home.

You'll have the option to add your starter pack but if that's not for you we can recommend best places to shop!

From attracting and retaining clients, Insurance, building your website and branding your business, to helping you price your services. We've got you covered when it comes to all things business. 

Comprehensive yet simplistic and effectiveness is our moto. We won't be boring you with irrelvant information. You'll learn everything you NEED to know in both theory and pratical. 

You'll receive a recognised and fully accredited certification on completition of your diploma

Courses are only ever taught on a 1-2-1 basis and there is no set duration. Learning will be completely tailored to you. Average diploma lengths are between 10-20 days. 

Email: Academy@starspadg.com For more information or to secure your slot