Giving your dog the love it deserves, one groom at a time.


A Full Service Experience

Star Spa is a proudly independent, small business that puts the love and safety of your pet at the core of its ethos. 

We only ever work on a one-to-one basis and individualise every groom based on the owner’s wishes. We groom all breeds and sizes of dogs and have a particular speciality for creating a safe, calming, relaxing and quiet space which allows dogs to enjoy the grooming process. This also helps to build up the confidence of even the most nervous dogs.

We assess each dog as they arrive in the salon and check their ears, teeth, eyes and for any matting. In cases which matting is severe, the coat is shaved to relieve your dog from any pain and discomfort.

We spend time with each owner ensuring they are educated on the best grooming routine at home and we reassure owners that, if they need any further advice, we are only a phone call away.

At Star Spa every dog receives a 5 star service, like the superstar they are! The products we use are of the highest quality; we ensure they contain no nasty chemicals and are show standard approved.

Star Spa prides humanity over vanity. We treat each dog with the utmost dignity and love, as if they were our own.